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A History of the Vikings by T. D. Kendrick

This enthralling, well-documented, and vivid account chronicles the activities of those bold sea raiders of the North who terrorized Europe from the eighth to the eleventh centuries. A dramatic narrative takes readers from the White Sea in the Arctic to Africa's Moroccan coast, from Viking operations in Russia, England, and Ireland, to daring exploits in Iceland, Greenland, and America. Written with freshness and vigor, the subject is titanic and, in the author's hands, "becomes absorbing drama." (Bookman) "The book should be in every library, public and private." (Boston Transcript) Unabridged republication of the edition published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1930.

* 12 plates plus 40 black-and-white illustrations
* Invaluable to scholars and students of Nordic history
* "... undoubtedly the best and most comprehensive study."--The Times [London] Literary Supplement

Pages: 448
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ISBN: 048643396X
EAN: 978-0-486-43396-7
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