BRIO toys are "good" toys. Good toys are safe, durable and open-ended. Open-ended toys stimulate a child's creativity and imagination because they can be played with in so many different ways over many years of a child's life. That makes owning a BRIO toy a very cost-effective proposition for parents because BRIO toys last. They last for two reasons: they are durable and they satisfy a child's changing play needs as he or she grows. BRIO has a strong commitment to children and their safety. To ensure every BRIO toy is safe and reliable, each one meets the highest international safety requirements. BRIO wooden toys are made from Beechwood and birch - hard woods that make durable toys built for years of play. The wood is free of insecticides, toxic chemicals and flaws, such as knots and cracks. All wood is kiln-dried to retain its natural color finish.

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